Current Works 2006, The Pitch (2/2/07)

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By Scott Wilson , Ray T. Barker , and Chris Packham
Published: January 25, 2007

Art Capsules Current Works, 2006 The Society for Contemporary Photography closes with a loose examination of the difference between land and property. In Jeff Krolick's digital prints, natural fissures separate developed land from untouched earth under miasmas of benign clouds. Each could be a glossy sympathy card with a rural postmark: "Sorry about that road coming through." Jamie Kreher's droll study of parking-lot medians replaces asphalt with stark white, leaving decaying concrete and lonely grass to float in space. Without shopping carts and cars lapping at their shores, the islands could be the work of urban bansai artists or a series of ugly putting greens. Kansas City Art Institute junior Katie Watson's collapsed furniture suggests catalog photos from a Bizarro Restoration Hardware more than a warning against disposable goods. For that, the show relies on (and gets a huge boost from) Seattle artist Chris Jordan. His vivid, textured series "In Katrina's Wake" (excerpted here) paints scenes of abandonment and loss (jars of bloated fruit ruined in Day-Glo brine, piles of orange squirt guns in a demolished dollar store) in tropical aquamarines and bilious yellows. The absence of human figures underscores not nature's wrath but its brutal indifference. Through Feb. 17 at the SCP, 520 Ave. Cesar E. Chavez, 816-471-2115. (Scott Wilson)